Keeping outdoor properties neat and trim is a little easier when Goodyear Lawn & Garden Belts are driving the job. Engineered specifically for the demands of busy crews with no time for unscheduled equipment down time. Goodyear Belts fight heat, oil and friction that can lead to problems with equipment drive systems.


Goodyear Belts’ Lawn and Garden Equipment V belt layer diagram

Goodyear Belts has developed Lawn & Garden V-Belts that offer premium performance, providing a long service life. Restore your equipment’s belt drive system’s performance by installing a new Goodyear Belt.

Parts Specifications
Goodyear Belts Lawn and Garden Equipment V belt photo


Standard: Limited One Year Warranty

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All claims must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) days of discovery of the defect, show proof of purchase, and include the defective part for replacement. ADVENTRY CORP DOES NOT WARRANT OR RECOMMEND ITS PRODUCTS FOR USE IN MANNED OR UNMANNED AVIATION OR LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS.

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